About The Fireworks event


  • -Gates open at 4:00 
  • -The event and parking are FREEates open at 4:00
  • -The band, Day Drinkin', plays from 5:00 - 9:00
  • -Fireworks are at APPROXIMATELY 9:30
  • -Food vendors will be on site with lots of food options
  • -Bring your own coolers with food and drink if you prefer
  • -Bring chairs, blankets  and pop up tents (tents must be down at 8:30)
  • -NO grills
  • -NO pets
  • -NO masks are required
  • -There will be NO last minute cancellations due to rain.  At the very most they will go off just a little past the 9:30 time.  They will never be cancelled at the last minute

  • Is there cost for entry?
  • No the event is FREE

  • Is there a cost to park?
  • No, parking is free

  • Can I bring my own cooler with food and drink?
  • Yes with whatever you'd like to bring (but no grills)​I

  • Can I enter before 4:00 to drop things off?
  • No there will be no entry at all prior to 4:00

  • Will I be required to wear a mask and social distance?
  • No

  • What time will the fireworks be?
  • Usually right around 9:30 after the sun has set completely set.  

  • Can I bring my dog?
  • No.  We love pets but not here.  Many dogs are also very afraid of fireworks.


          Will the event be cancelled for                rain?

          No, this is a rain or shine event.                  Nothing will be cancelled at the last            minute

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